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About the Dashboard

This is an infrastructure to explore the R Community in a broad context globally in a data-driven manner that explores trends and provides insights to enhance better decision making. The goal is to make it easier to find chapters, find upcoming events, discover active and inactive groups, track high profile groups based on activity and size, understand the global distribution of groups and bring to light, areas of under-representation.

Primary data source for this work is the API of Meetup. The future of this project is the exploration of the complete R Community.


  • Front-end: Pure HTML / JavaScript, D3.js, Echarts.js, Leaflet.js, Gentellala dashboard template
  • Back-end: A small ETL infrastructure based on R, Bash and Travis CI that daily retrieves data from Meetup API. This infrastructure provides a way to work with Meetup's OAUTH 2.0 authentication system automatically. The back-end is completely separated from the front-end.
  • Update: The dashboard is updated daily.


We are looking for sponsors to fiscally support this project and maintenance of this project in exchange for displaying your organization's logo/banner at the sponsor section. Email us for more information. We are also hoping to explore general R activity, an automated events calendar, and a way to visualize trends around events, past and future. Please reach out to Ben if you are interested.



You are welcome to contribute R code to the ETL infrastructure and visualization to the front-end parts of this dashboard. Feel free to get in touch with us, we appreciate your help.


If you have any questions, feedback, suggestions, please open an issue on GitHub here: or email the primary maintainer: ubah.ben22 [at] gmail .com